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Lichess opening explorer (Beta)

Opening Explorer

A brilliant new way to explore openings and go deep into the variations, read the explanations and descriptions of them (in progress) and discover some fun traps and gambits while measuring them against win/loss ratios.

Lichess Insights

You need to have an account with Lichess in order to take advantage of this very powerful tool which allows you to use filters and parameters to find out very specific information from your own games database. 

To access Lichess's Chess Insights, click on your username on the top right-hand corner, then "Profile", and locate Chess Insights on the right-hand side of your screen. 


Chess instruction using a variety of methods, including learn-by-doing exercises, video lessons, and articles written by grandmasters. The platform claims that you will learn chess faster and more effectively than you could by using traditional methods. 



Explore openings and their win rates in an expanding mind map style.

Opening Tree:

Opening Tree

Find your weaknesses in your openings using Artificial Intelligence (AI).



Practise opening lines over and over again with the woodpecker method/spaced repetition until they're ingrained in your memory. (Like a free Chessable.) 

Chessbook (free and paid versions)


Create and manage full repertoires and explore the most successful or the best engine moves for any position. Link to your online username and rectify mistakes from your own games. Set your rating and choose your move depth. Available in app or on web. Paid version available.

Aimchess (free and paid versions)


An AI-powered training and analytics suite that delivers personalised insights and exercises based on users' own games. Designed as an AI Coach, it identifies your weaknesses to make your training time more efficient. 

Chess Studio

Chess Studio

Chess studio for android is a chess eBook reader that lets you read your favourite chess books and play along with the moves on the screen.