Stroud Chess Club

Welcome to the club!

Where we are

We meet on Thursday evenings from 6pm (juniors) and from 7pm (adults) at the Star Anise Café located here in central Stroud. 

How to join

Come along for a couple of evenings to test the waters.  If it's for you, simply set up a monthly standing order of £4 per junior, £5 for all others or £6 for families. 

The Stroud Summer Rapid Chess Tournament 2024

a beautiful Cotswold Vista with William Morris inspired floral displays and a hare running through the picture

The second Stroud Rapid Chess Tournament of 2024 was held in May.  Excellent organisation together with glorious weather ensured that the event was enjoyed by all. 

Some photos from the tournament can be seen on the right or below.

Star Anise Arts Café